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Expert Tax Advice in Nottingham

Do you find the complexity of business tax too time consuming to deal with?

By utilising the expertise of Smith Emmerson’s tax agents you can get the valuable tax advice needed to make the process run smoothly. Take advantage of our clear and practical tax advice on all kinds of issues whether you are a business owner or an individual.

The team at Smith Emmerson can help you with anything from HMRC tax enquiries to tax disputes so that there are no headaches involved. To learn more about how our tax agents can assist you, please contact us now.

Our tax advice service covers:

Reliable tax advice

You may be wondering how reliable tax advice can benefit your business and you finances. Over the last 25 years we have learned everything about tax inside out for both businesses and individuals.

Tax in any form represents a financial burden in any situation and we are here to offer you the tax advice that can work to your advantage. You can learn how to minimise the time you spend organising your tax and reduce the amount you have to pay each year. Thankfully, not all aspects of tax are complicated when explained correctly. With the experience Smith Emmerson has, you can get tax advice that is straightforward and highly beneficial to your unique financial situation.

HMRC tax enquiries and tax disputes

Have you been incorrectly penalised by HMRC or have they opened a full enquiry into your tax return because of their mistake?

Like anyone, HMRC is not immune from making mistakes and Smith Emmerson can help to rectify any problems that you may be facing. When dealing with HMRC in this capacity it is important to have a tax specialist to work out a course of action that is in your best interests.

More often than not an HMRC tax enquiry or tax dispute is very costly and unexpected. This is why we offer you tax free protection to provide you with financial cover for our professional fees.

No matter how worrying an HMRC tax enquiry may seem, Smith Emmerson’s team will work tirelessly to remove the stress so that you can carry on in peace.

Tax free protection

If you have found your company’s tax returns are being investigated by HMRC then our tax agents are here to help. Due to the often expensive nature of an HMRC tax enquiry or tax dispute, our tax free protection is here to alleviate the financial burden.

All fees resulting from an HMRC tax enquiry are covered in our service and you deal with professionals who you can trust. No matter when an unexpected enquiry may strike, you can rest assured knowing that you are completely covered with our tax free protection.

Tax agent

Do you want to personally deal with HMRC as little as possible but ensure that your accounts are always in good standing?

Maintaining your own taxes is burdensome at best and catastrophic at worst. Smith Emmerson’s qualified tax agents have the experience needed to reliably deal with taxation issues and tax liabilities on your behalf. Acting as your tax agent we can deal with all forms of correspondence from HMRC, prepare your tax returns, advise your organisation and pay any due taxes.

Tax can come in many different varieties and being able to deal with tax appropriately is important to achieving your financial potential.

Do you want to learn about the benefits that tax planning can have on your business? To see how our experts can help, visit the Tax Planning page or contact us now.

If you or your business are in need of the services of Business Focused Chartered Accountants in the Nottingham, Leicester and Derby area, then feel free to contact us.

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