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Will Writing in Nottingham

Do you want to make sure that you have a will in place or that your existing will is up-to-date?

It is of the upmost importance that you have a will that is legally up-to-date as this is what will ensure your property and personal belongings are passed on to your chosen recipients. It is simply untrue that when you die your next-of-kin will receive your assets.

If this happens your assets will be distributed according to the law. Smith Emmerson works will a leading company called Castle Wills who are here to provide you with a confidential and respectful will writing service. If you would like to get in touch with Smith Emmerson about setting up a will writing consultation, please contact us now.

Smith Emmerson and Castle Wills can help you draft a will deal:

  • To minimise inheritance tax
  • That will set up a family trust
  • To set up a special trust for an incapacitated beneficiary
  • When the interests of children need to be protected
  • When assets are located overseas
  • When charitable gifts are desired to form part of the bill
  • When your assets need protection from divorce claims

Protect your family and loved ones

Do you want to minimise inheritance tax you are liable for or set up a family trust to protect your loved ones? It is our priority to ensure that you can feel confident about the arrangements your will has established.

We have the experience to take you through the entire will writing process so that we finish at your desired outcome. You might want our help to minimise inheritance tax you are liable for so that your family can make the most of your hard earned money. Whatever the aim is for your will, we are here to help you realise it.

To set up a consultation to arrange all the financial aspects of your will at a time and location that suits you, contact us now.

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