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HR and Employment Law Advisors in Nottingham

Is your company newly formed or are you starting to show signs of growth quicker than you anticipated?

We understand that you may not have the time or resources to pour into setting up HR procedures. At Smith Emmerson, we are partnered with HR and employment law advisors to ensure that you can meet all your legal obligations as an employer. Setting up a firm base for your HR will enable to you work stress free without the worry of unexpected penalties while your business grows.

To get in touch with our partnered team of HR and employment law advisors, please contact us now.

Our partners can help you with:

  • A review of your existing HR procedures
  • A review of your employees’ contacts
  • A customised handbook of your defined HR and employment policies
  • Setting up further asepects of your company’s HR policy (company car, customer complaints, etc)

A small price to pay for legal security

Do you need the help of an HR and employment advisor but you are worried about the costs being too high?

Smith Emmerson and our partners believe that you should be able to get assistance to meet your legal obligations for a fair price. Our partners price for a professional HR and employment advisor start at £90 plus VAT per month. This is the case for even the most comprehensive packages that include indemnity cover in the event of any successful employment tribunal claims. If you would like to speak to our partners about hiring your advisor today, please contact us now.

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