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Changing Accountant

There are several reasons why you might be interested in changing accountant. Our clients have helped us to identify some of the more common reasons:

  1. Your current firm of accountants no longer fits your existing business needs
  2. You are concerned about your accountant’s ability to handle your future business needs
  3. You don’t feel that your current accountant is on your side
  4. You’ve found out that your current accountant isn’t qualified
  5. You don’t feel you’re getting the service you deserve
  6. You feel like a number rather than an individual
  7. You feel like you’re always reviewing the past rather than planning for the future
  8. Your accountant doesn’t seem to ‘get’ what you do
  9. You are not informed about potential problems before they occur
  10. You don’t feel able to contact your accountant for ad-hoc advice
  11. You don’t feel challenged by your accountant
  12. You’re never sure what your accountant will charge you for services provided

Making the process as easy as possible

At Smith Emmerson, we understand that changing accountants can be difficult and in some cases embarrassing and highly stressful. That’s why we have made the process as easy as possible. Simply call us to arrange a FREE no-obligation meeting to discuss the accountancy support you and/or your business needs. Together we will discuss your business frustrations, your specific business needs and your expectations of us when it comes to your tax and accountancy affairs. We will then provide you with a written proposal of the services we recommend to support your business strategy together with an estimated cost of the investment in our services.

Our commitment to you

Should you decide to join us, we’ll write a leaving letter to your existing accountant, deal with the transfer of any current on-going work and help you to complete and submit any necessary forms.

Once you’re on board with Smith Emmerson, we’ll provide you with a signed copy of our ‘Service Promise’ to demonstrate our commitment to you and help to make doing business together a great experience!

Find out how we can help

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