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How to change the way you do your accounts!


Most people are used to internet banking (which is on the “Cloud”) and If you haven’t moved your accounting software from your desk top to the “cloud” then please spend a couple of minutes reading below – we might just show you why you should!

Our clients regularly complain about their traditional accounting software. It’s too expensive, it only works on one computer and its always out of date. They can’t access the data from their mobiles and its costly and its complicated, time consuming and expensive to upgrade and back up.

How would you like real time accurate accounting information direct to your mobile or tablet?

You can see how your bank balance is doing, who you owe money to and most importantly who owes your money – All from your phone!

If you want your business to work quicker and a lot smarter, cloud accounting software is a good investment. Working in the cloud will give you a better overview of your finances, can save your company time and money and put some fun back into your business!

What’s more, there’s no upfront cost, just a small monthly fee and moving your data is a simple process we can help with. Still not convinced? Cloud accounting is secure and fully automated. Imagine the following happening automatically in your business:

  • You set up regular recurring invoices e.g. monthly subscriptions or monthly invoices;
  • Your cloud software then automatically produces invoices, emails them to customers and adds to fees ledger;
  • Direct debit software detects the invoices and collects the money;
  • Invoices are automatically marked as paid in Accounts software;
  • Bank feeds puts entries into bank account in Accounts software with no manual input at all!

Clients we’ve helped move to the cloud all state they won’t be moving back!  Join them and discover how you can radically change the way you do business

Please call us and we’d be delighted to show you more!